An example of a great martketing campaign

I think this is an example of a great Marketing campaign.little-shop-banner2

Recently my kids, and other urchins, have been besotted with the craze that is the New World Minis.

These are not mini cars or skirts; these are replica collectable miniatures of supermarket items.

Each visit to the super market that incurs a certain amount of spending results in a mystery bag of mini products.  You don’t know what is in the bag.

The kids, big and small, have gone bananas trying to collect the entire set of limited edition products.

Details on this are available here:

The craze has even got people attempting to sell the collectables on the internet, and people are crazy enough to actually bid for them.

Swap meets have been organised and Facebook has messages aplenty about who has which items to trade for what so people can end up with the whole collection.

I think this has been one of the best marketing campaigns around for some time in that it is a win-win win situation for the supermarket, the makers of the grocery items and the kids that get something tangible to keep.

The supermarket chain apparently (checkout person told me so it must be true…) did not even pay for the products to be made, the suppliers of the goods that are represented as minis did that.

Naturally there is a Facebook page setup for people to like too:

One of the consequences this sort of campaign is that in homes all over the country, kids will be playing with and leaving these items all over the place, further promoting their brands.  This is another plus for the campaign in these times of mass media and internet where things are quickly forgotten marketing wise.

Campaigns like this when they work are very effective.  No-doubt there will be more New World Mini’s in the pipeline to entice further visits to the supermarket.  The kid will be making sure of that.


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